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Logistics cost management for Inventory items using Logistics execution Module
Version 01
Release Date 01 Jan 2021
Type SAP Documents
Status Released

Logistics cost management of Inventory items using LE Module


Single PO Item with multiple shipments        
Single Item multiple PO with multiple Shipments            
Single PO multiple items single delivery        
Single PO multiple items and multiple delivery        
Single PO multiple line items , single delivery with weight maintained in material master        
Single PO multiple lines with same unit of measure        



General Information


Target user group




Organization and Key Master Data

Master Data   Value Comments






Process Flow




Details Process Documentation




Process Steps

1. Access the transaction using the transaction code or navigation option

SAP Menu     SAP --> Logistics --> Logistics Execution -->
Transaction Code  


2. Organization Data for testing

Master Data   Value Comments





3. Process 3


Field Name Value Comments





4. Process 4


Field Name Value Comments





5. Process 


Field Name Value Comments






6. Process


Field Name Value Comments





7. Process


Field Name Value Comments





8. Process


9. Process





Table of contents

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