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SAP Notes relevant for LE Module
Version 01
Release Date 01 Jan 2021
Type SAP Documents
Status Released

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427944 - Info: Shipment costs as delivery costs during goods receipt Detail explanation of configuration steps required to adding shipment cost to inventory materials during GRN    
700512 - Information: Allocation of shipment costs to delivery items

Allocation of Shipment cost to items. Explains how shipment cost entered is split to delivery items. Eg : based on weight.

Explains calculation type and shipment cost splitting    

1850990 - Error VY 066 in VI01 / VI02

Cost calculation type Delivery item can be used only for items with material master. When text items is used and the cost calculation type in Delivery Item this message is issued 


Inbound delivery document is not linked to shipment stages. Check VT02N , stages tab for assignment of inbound delivery document to stage.

746605 - INFO: => LE-TRA-FC-DC (Delivery costs) 'Shipment costs as planned delivery costs'  : Collective note
1066136 - Currency translation when copying delivery costs from SCD

When shipment cost document currency is different from PO currency and company code currency , shipment cost is converted to PO currency and the total amount is converted to company code currency.


Fixed the document currency exchange rate for the local currency in the header of the purchase order.

Maintained different translation ratios (transaction OBBS) for the two directions.

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1454088 - MIRO: Currency conversion of freight costs

1696353 - Delivery costs incorrect after currency conversion


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427944 - Info: Shipment costs
700512 - Allocation of shipment Cost
1850990 - Error VY 066
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