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Additional Text area in Claim Document
Version 01
Release Date 01 Jan 2021
Type SAP Documents
Status Released

In standard Claim management configuration in Project systems 4 details text area in addition to "Long Text for Header" which is the default text element. The remaining 4 text elements can be configured based on user requirements.

Note : Only a maximum of 4 text area can be configured as per standard.



Detailed text in claim management is linked to catalog and catalog groups which is different from other long text configuration.

Additional long text for claim is derived from configuration table assigns Catalog + Code Grp + Code for each additional long text. A maximum on only 4 long texts can be maintained.

Codes for Detailed Long Texts.

You can define a code group in any of the standard catalog  and link in in this configuration table. But  for best practice purpose , create a new catalog Type called " Additional Text" and create specific code groups / codes and link to this table. In standard Catalog type 'C" has a code group CLM-01 for additional text which can also be used.

In case you want to modify or add additional long text , navigate to maintain Catalog --> Edit Catalog  and select catalog "C"

Navigate to Coded menu and add additional text required 

Assign the same Catalog  + Code Group + Code in Codes for claim long text configuration.

This configuration will add/modify the text elements assigned to Claim transaction.


1. Maximum of  4 long text element can be added to claim

2. Endure code group is released. If not released , CLM2 transaction will issue short dump.






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