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SAP Authorization : Reporting and Analysis Tool
Version 01
Release Date 01 Jan 2021
Type SAP Documents
Status Released


SAP Authorization and Reporting tool helps in analyzing the SAP authorizations assigned to users at a granular level. 

There are many standard SAP reports available for analyzing the roles , but consolidated reporting based on users has always been a challenge with standard SAP reports. Consultants / Power users have to manually extract data from tables to generate consolidated reports required for management and security analysis.

Report generation at Transaction Code , Roles and Object level has always been difficult with no direct solution available in standard SAP. SAP GRC tools are available when can help but due the level of customization involved and the implementation and maintenance costs associated with the product , companies have refrained from using GRC solutions at organization level.


What do we Offer 

Our SAP Authorization Analysis tool is a interfacing tool which would help in warehousing the authorization related data and provide reports for analysis ,streamlining and controlling user authorizations.

The reports can be downloaded to a Excel file or can be analyzing online using our Interfacing portal.


Target Users :

  • SAP Authorization Management and security team

  • Functional Business consultants

  • Department Power Users

  • End User




How to use the tool

The tool is divided into 3 sections

1. Data Mining

2. User Report Generation

3. Online Report Generation


Data Mining

Data mining extracts the raw data required for generating reports. Data Mining has 2 options

1. Manual Upload of authorization Data

2. SAP server Interface.


Manual Upload of SAP Authorization Data

Manual upload involves uploading of SAP tables in a Tab limited format to the tool. This approach is used , if direct interface to the SAP server is not available. Following tables are to be downloaded from SAP and uploaded to the tool.

Tables : AGR_USERS , AGR_1251 , AGR_TEXTS , USR01

How to download data from SAP.

1. Login to SAP server and enter transaction code : SE16.

2. Enter the Table and press enter

3. Remove the maximum hits and hit execute


4. Once the report is generated click on download to local file option 

5. Select Text with Tabs format to download the table as text file.

Follow the same steps for all the other tables.


SAP Interface.

The tool can be directly interfaced to SAP server for fetching the required data without manual intervention . This is the most preferred method for data mining. The tables required for data analyses are retrieved from SAP directly , which enables real time analysis of data.


1. Ensure C++ library is installed.


How upload data to tool

Once the files are downloaded , they can easily uploaded to the tool by selecting the upload option.


User Report Generation Area

User report generation area is used for generating authorizations related report based on the data uploaded or interfaced with SAP in the mining area. The reports can be either analyzed on the screen or downloaded to Excel sheet for analysis. If the data to be analyzed in large download to excel option is proposed by the tool as analyzing on the screen may not be feasible.

Types of Report

The following reports can be generated based on User selection

1. User based Transaction code authorization report

2. User based Transaction code , Role authorization report

3. User based Transaction Code , Role and Role objects authorization report.

Online Reporting

Online report is the standard an optional functionality avaialbe in the tool. The reports generated can be exposed and analyzed online using our web interface. The data can be synced without our website and analyzed. The other option is to interface our Restful API with your inhouse reporting tool like PowerBi or Tablue for dashboard analysis.


1. Registration of user @ ERP Realm

2. Sync data to our website using REST API.



Table of contents

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