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ME045 G/L account XXXX cannot be used (please correct)
Version 01
Release Date 01 Jan 2021
Type SAP Documents
Status Released

Message No ME 045
Message G/L account XXXX cannot be used (please correct)
Message Type E
Module Logistics Execution



This error message is issued if the selection between account assignment category in MM is not compatible with Field status group maintained in GL account.


Resolution :

Validate field selection for Account assignment and Field status group for GL account.


1. Field status group assigned in GL account.

Check the field status group assigned in the GL account.

FS00 -->  Create / bank / interest tab

Check field status group configuration from field status variant configuration node 

Transaction code : OBC4


2. Field selection for account assignment in configuration


Check the field selection for account assignment category configured for LE module.


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