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Project Builder
Version 01
Release Date 01 Jan 2021
Type SAP Documents
Status Released

General Information

Project builder is used for creating projects in SAP.



Project builder is used for creating and managing SAP projects. 



1. Access the transaction using the transaction code or navigation option

SAP Menu     SAP --> Logistics --> Project System --> Project  --> Project Builder
Transaction Code CJ20N


2. Organization Data for testing

Master Data   Value Comments





3. Process 3


Field Name Value Comments





4. Process 4


Field Name Value Comments





5. Process 


Field Name Value Comments






6. Process


Field Name Value Comments





7. Process


Field Name Value Comments





8. Process


9. Process





Project Builder Change Log


1. Select the project or navigate to the WBS for which change log is to be viewed and click on   button.

2. Navigate to Extras --> Change Documents menu path


3. Double click on the status line to view the detailed change log.

Table of contents

Technical Documents
Configuration Guide
External Reference
SAP Note
SDN Links
Sample Code