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Change Physical Inventory Document
Version 01
Release Date 01 Jan 2021
Type SAP Documents
Status Released

General Information

Change physical inventory transaction is used for changing already posted physical inventory document


Target user group

Power User
End User



Physical Inventory document after creation can be changed and deleted using this transaction , provided there are no subsequent documents.


Organization and Key Master Data

Master Data   Value Comments
Warehouse No 100 Use warehouse number as per implementation





Process Flow



Physical inventory document can be changed only if there is no subsequent document.


Details Process Documentation



Process Steps

1. Access the transaction using the transaction code or navigation option

SAP Menu     SAP --> Logistics --> Logistics Execution --> Internal Warehouse Process --> Physical Inventory --> Physical Inventory Document  --> In warehouse Management --> Physical Inventory Document
Transaction Code LI02N


2. Enter the following details on the selection screen and press enter

Transaction Data Value Comments
Warehouse No       100      
Inventory Record     << Doc No>>  Document No to be changed






3. Inventory Document is displayed 

Posting / Activate / Delete options can be used for changing the document.



Physical inventory document changed.


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