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VFX3 : Release Billing Documents for Accounting

SAP Sales and Distribution

Transaction code VFX3 is used for releasing posting blocked billing document so that accounting document is posted with reference to billing document.This process is generally used for sales transactions for which billing document is generated automatically in a background run. For business validation accounting document posting is blocked and the billing officer reviews the billing documents generated and releases for account posting.

This process helps in validating the billing document generated in the background for accuracy before the accounting entries are posted.

Posting block configuration

Whether the accounting document is to be posted immediately or not is determined by the billing document type configuration. Based on business requirement the document is set block posting of accounting document or post accounting document when billing document is generated. (Billing document can be generated real time or in the background. 

For generation of billing document in the background refer to : Automatic generation of billing document

Path : SPRO --> Sales and Distribution --> Billing --> Billing Documents --> Define Billing Types

Transaction Code : VOFA 

If this indicator is set accounting documents is not posted automatically. Posting block should be released either from transaction : VF02 individually or VFX3 collectively.

Release Billing document for Accounting (Collective Release) : VFX3

Individual documents can be released or all documents can be released collectively. In case of error , status is set to error with incompletion log.

Notes tab can provide detailed error log.


Alternately the documents can be released from VF02.

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