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Vendor Batch Management

SAP Materials Management

Vendor Batch number / Heat number refers to unique identification number provided by supplier for tacking the products. For certain items batch numbers may refer to multiple items and for others it might be specific to a item.

Eg : Pharma industry , Batch no may refer to all drugs produced in a batch. For steel plates my refer to head number , which is specific for the plate.

SAP has multiple options for entering batch numbers during goods receipt.

1. During Goods Receipt : MIGO

Vendor batch number can be entered during MIGO (goods receipt process).  Batch master record  will be created automatically and vendor batch number is saved along with the batch master. Transaction code : MSC3N can be used to display batch master details.



Note :

1. Vendor Batch number functionality is active only for GRN posted for materials against PO. For other goods receipt process , vendor batch number should be entered manually in the batch master record.

Note : 1766887 - Vendor batch field can not be entered for movement types 501, 511, 521 or 561.

2. Vendor Batch number is available only on the Batch tab during goods receipt. Meaning material should be Batch managed for maintaining vendor batch.

Note : 330585


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