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Use of Expressions in Power Automate Flow

Microsoft Power Automate

If length of string is less than 250 , output string or slice the string to first 250
characters and  return.

if(less(outputs('Compose_3'), 250), items('Apply_to_each_4')?['crbec_extraction_value'], slice(items('Apply_to_each_4')?['crbec_extraction_value'],0,250))

Use of expressions in power automate flows has been clearly explained the Microsoft's documentation. 

Few sample expressions that are frequently used.

Check if string is empty. If empty pass 0 or length of string

if(empty(items('Apply_to_each_4')?['crbec_extraction_value']),0, length(items('Apply_to_each_4')?['crbec_extraction_value']))


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