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Usage decision codes in Quality inspection

SAP Quality Management

Usage decision keys are used for marking the inspection lot as accepted or rejected. In standard system many keys are defined which may not be applicable for the business. In such case standard configuration can be changed to display only UD key relevant for the process.

Configuration :

UD Codes --> Code Group -->  Catalog

UD Codes are part of Code groups , and code groups are linked to Catalog.

Selected sets are sub sets created for Catalog / Plant combination.

Configuration Path : SPRO --> Quality Management --> Quality Inspection --> Inspection Lot Completion


Using Selected set , UD Codes that are displayed during quality inspection (QA16/QA32) can be controlled.

Inspection Types can be linked to selected sets to control UD keys.

Configuration Path : SPRO --> Quality Management --> Quality Inspection --> Inspection Lot Creation

There are 3 configuration option available

1.  Default No : No UD selected set and check box Selected Set in Same plant is not checked.

In this case all the catalogs are displayed during UD , and user should select the appropriate catalog and UD key.

2. Option 2 : Selected Set in the same plant is selected.

In this case only selected sets created for the plant will be displayed during UD. This set up is useful , if there are multiple plant in the organization and Catalog is different for each plant.

3. Option 3 : specific UD Selected set in entered.

In this case only entered selected set catalogs are displayed during UD. This can pretty much restrictive but can be used based on the requirements.


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