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Understanding Incompletion Log is Sales Documents

SAP Sales and Distribution

"The incompletion log reminds you when data important for further processing is missing from the sales document. When you enter a sales document, the system usually proposes much of the necessary data from customer and material master records, and you can also enter additional data or change proposed data manually. The sales document then forms the basis for various subsequent functions, such as delivery processing and billing. However, subsequent functions can often only be carried out if the data in the original sales document is complete. To guarantee completeness, the system logs all missing data in an incompletion log. The data needed to process subsequent functions is defined by your system administrator for each sales document type. For example, when entering a quotation, you must enter a validity period. If you do not enter the validity period, this field is entered into the incompletion log and further processing may be blocked."

In short Incompletion procedure are rules assigned to sales document with set of parameters to validate the completeness of the documents and their influence on the subsequent documents.

Structure of Incompletion Procedure.


1.  Incompletion Procedure is assigned to Incompletion Group 

2. Incompletion procedure is assigned to field , that are used as criteria for validating the completeness of the document

3. Status groups are linked to Incompletion fields.


Status groups define which process are affected by the incomplete field.

Eg : status group 02 affects general and delivery documents only. It has no impact on billing document.

Status groups are defined separately and assigned to field group status.


4. Incompletion procedure is assigned to Sales document type (inquiry , order ...)

Understanding Log of Incompletion

  • Incompletion log is triggered if incompletion procedure is assigned to sales document type. Status group has no effect on the current document.  Eg : Removing assignment of status group from the incompletion fields would still log the incompleteness in the current document.
  • Status group has control only on the next document and not on the current document.
  • Incompletion log will only log the incompleteness of the fields and will not restrict the user from saving the current document.
  • Incompletion log setup cannot be used like error message for stopping the user from saving the document. But it can prevent creation of the subsequent document.
  • There is no option for error message in completion log. The design is such that incomplete documents can be saved but cannot be processed further. Use user exits for issuing error message.
  • When warning message check box is checked , system issues a warning message before logging the incompleteness

  • If incompletion is to be avoided , the only option is to remove it from this configuration (assignment of incompletion procedure -> Sales document type) . Removing status profile or  warning message doesn't help.
  • Even though item tables are available in header incompletion log , it will not work even if maintained and should be added to relevant area incompletion log

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