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This item can only be deleted via the associated sales document is generated when you delete a purchase requisition created from a customer order

SAP Sales and Distribution

This error message is issued when Purchase requisition  created against sales order (third party services) is manually deleted using ME52N.

In third party sales process , Purchase requisition is directly created from sales order with account assignment X and item category S. Since the PR is created from sales process , the deletion and modification activities should be performed from sales order.

This a standard system behavior , and for deleting the PR's created , delete the line item from sales order this will set a deletion indicator in the PR.

But in some cases , say a PO is manually created against the sales order and there is parked document created in MIR7 , and when sales order line is deleted , PR is set with a deletion indicator. When the user is trying to delete the parked invoice document in MIR7 , he might get the same error message.  In such exceptional cases where , PO / PO cannot be deleted due its reference to sales document but needs to be deleted, use the correction program in note : 

19028 - ME52 PReq cannot be deleted E06269(third-p.prcssng)

This correction program removed the link of the subsequent document PR/PO from the sales order and the document can be deleted manually using ME52N/ME22N.



Third Party Sales Process Basic Understanding

19028 - ME52 PReq cannot be deleted E06269(third-p.prcssng)

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