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Storage location XXXX for material XXXXXXXX plant XXXX valuation type XXXX does not exist

SAP Messages

M7 238 : Storage location XXXX for material XXXXXXXX plant XXXX valuation type XXXX does not exist


This message is issued while creating reservation for material / split valuated material. If there is no  prior goods receipt is posted for this combination of storage loc , plant and valuation type.

Note : this warning message can be issued even if material is extended to storage loc XXXX. But when reservation is created system checks for stock values in MARD and MBEW tables for this message.


- Ensure stock is available for Plant , Sloc , Material , valuation type combination. This message is issued only for cases where reservation is created for a material for which goods receipts has not been posted.

- Check for entries in MARD , MBEW , MBEWH tables.

- In standard system this should be set a warning message

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