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Reason for Rejection in Sales documents

SAP Sales and Distribution

Reason for Rejection is a indicator available at sales document item level for the purpose of identifying the rejected items. This is more or less equivalent to deletion indicator set in a purchasing document but a fixed reason for rejection can be assignment which can be used for reporting purposes. In addition there are few process behaviors that can be controlled using configuration.

Note : Delete line option in sales document deletes the line , if not subsequent activities are performed.

Behavior of rejection indicator is controlled in configuration.

SPRO --> Sales and Distribution --> Sales Document --> Sales Document Item --> Define Reason for Rejection


Rj : Reason for rejection key

NPR : Not relevant for printing 

OLI : Resource item open again. This indicator is related to resource related billing and have implications in transactions like DP91

BIC : Not relevant for billing : If this indicator is not set , these items will be available in billing document as open items . Transactions like VF04 , will ignore rejection key in sales document

Stat Values : Determine how is value of the items to be accounted for in Sales document.

Blank : Even if the item is marked for rejection , the value is accounted in the header total (pricing active)

X , Y : Item price is not included in sales pricing , but active for statistical purposes.

These indicators are very important for handling various business scenario's. Say if the sales order discount is applicable on the header level based on total value and item is rejected due to non availability of stock in the factory , but still we would like to provide discount to the customer the reason for rejection key should be set with indicator X in the configuration or else discount may not be applicable.


Technical Notes

VF04 - Billing due list is a worklist transaction which uses Index tables for generation of reports. 

When there is a configuration change after the entries have been populated in the index table , index tables needs to be regenerated or the business transaction needs to be executed again so that the index tables are generated.

Eg : if the above mentioned configuration was performed after entries have been populated in index table (VKDFS) ,VF04 will still display old entries until the reorganization program for index table is executed or the transaction is manually executed real time.

Reorganization program for Sales Document Index tables.

Program : RVV05IVB

Note : Even if the reorganization program is executed , entries may not be removed from table : VKDFS , rather the measures like net price will be updated. Meaning entries may be still visible in VF04 but the net price will be zero for the old entries.

In such cases , if entries have to be removed from index table , the only option is to execute the transaction real time to reset block indicator which will automatically remove the entries from link table as per latest configuration.


128947 - Correction of SD document indexes with RVV05IVB


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