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Power Bi Datasource Change

Microsoft Power Bi

Power Bi is one of the most sophisticated and user friendly tool for business analytics. When Pbi is used for business analytics and data source is a backend ERP system that has a 2 tier or 3 tier architecture , there is always a need for modifying the data source for moving the changes to the live server. This blog documents an easier approach for modifying the data source.

When PBi is used with ERP solutions with multi tier architecture , the data source during the development phase would be a development server. Once the development activities are completed , the data source would be either a live server or a UAT server based on the landscape.

But the Pbx file , would be the same even thought the data source is different. PBi has a easier way changing the datasource.

1. Click on Transform Data


2. Click on the data source Change source  option to point the Pbx file to the new data source.


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