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PO Document Type determination in ME59 ME59N

SAP Materials Management

ME59 , ME59N are standard SAP transactions for converting PR to PO automatically either in the background or foreground when optimized procurement process is used. ie. PR automatically converted to PO when source of supply is assigned in PR.

This document explains in detail on how the PO document type is determined when PR is automatically converted to PO using ME59 / ME59N.

ME59 / ME59N more or less are similar with ME59N being the latest one with additional features like , when ME59N is used warning messages are also displayed which was not available in ME59. Enhancement options are different for these transactions.

PO document type used by the program while converting PR to PO is based on the following logic in the same sequence. 

PO Document Type determination logic and priority

1. If a purchase order document type exists that is identical to the purchase requisition document type and is allowed according to Customizing (table T161A or Customizing transaction OMEC) this one has the highest priority.


2.   If there is only one allowed document type in customizing table : T161A , the system uses this one.

3.   For several allowed document types, the one that is entered as a default document type for transaction ME21 has priority (table T160 or Customizing transaction OMH5).



4. If nothing is entered here or the default document type is not allowed, the system selects the first allowed document type in T161A.


In addition ME59N has the following logic

1. Purchase requisitions with different document types cannot be converted to one purchase order.

2. If per item category is selected in the selection screen : the system determines the order document type using the table T161A.


Enhancements to PO Document Type determination in ME59 ME59N


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