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Material Reservation for Projects

SAP Project Systems

Material Reservations for projects planned at network activity level can be automatically (with network as account assignment) created based on system configuration. But for Project structure at WBS level  generally materials are purchased as project stock and issued to project without reservation. This blog explains the process / limitations in case reservations are to be created.

Reservation for Project Materials

  • Reservation with reference to network using MB21 cannot be created in standard SAP. Reservations for network activity can be created only from project network
  • Reservation with reference to WBS can be created using MB21  , Mvt Type 221.
    • Limitations
      • Mvt type 221 is for goods issue to project from inventory stock and not from project stock. In case items are to be issued from project stock for reservations created using 221 , during goods issue item level special stock indicator to be changed to Q.  100517 - Manual reservations for network and WBS element
      • Reservations cannot be created at special stock level (Eg : Sales order / Project stock level).  2768252 - Manual reservations with special stocks
      • Material should be extended to storage location prior to creating reservation or sloc related stock entry should be posted by previous goods receipt or storage location should not be entered in the reservation.
      • Create Automatic storage location configuration will not be applicable for manually created reservation.





Related System Messages:

Message : M7 238

Storage location XXXX for material XXXXXXXX plant XXXX valuation type XXXX does not exist


Message No. M7006

Material XXXX <Plant>  <Sloc>  does not exist


Reference Documents

Storage location XXXX for material XXXXXXXX plant XXXX valuation type XXXX does not exist

Material XXXX <Plant> <Sloc> does not exist

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