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External Numbering of Batch Master

SAP Materials Management

Batch generated using Goods movement transactions can be assigned to a internal number or an external number  or entered manually during document creation.

Internal and external numbering is controlled by configuration. Separate number ranges can be maintained for internal and external numbering.

Internal Number Range:

For batch numbers to be generated internally Internal batch number activation configuration should be activated. 




Internal batch number assignment setup is relevant if batch number is to be created for account assigned goods receipts. This is specific to plant.

Number range should be maintained for object : BATCH_CLT specific for internal numbering.


Batch Management and Number generation Logic

  1. Batch management of a material is determined based on Batch management indicator in the material master. This indicator is available on the Purchasing or Plant storage data tabs.


2. How the batch is created during goods movement is determined by Movement Type configuration


Note :

Whenever the number range assignment is internal Exits : EXIT_SAPLV01Z_001, EXIT_SAPLV01Z_002 are called.

With External number ranges exits : EXIT_SAPLV01Z_003 , EXIT_SAPLV01Z_004 are called.



Enhancements for Batch Number assignment

Configure Customer Exits for Intern. Batch Number Assignment

You can use SAP enhancement SAPLV01Z for internal batch number assignment. This enhancement contains two function module exits that you can use to define number ranges or templates for batch numbers:

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_001. You use this exit to replace the number range object and/or interval proposed by the system with your own number range object and/or interval.
    In addition, you can, for instance, stop the system from assigning an internal number depending on the material or plant. You can also use this exit to stop the dialog box from appearing.
  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_002. Using this exit, you can either change the number assigned by the system, or assign your own number.


Set Up Customer Exits for External Batch Number Assignment

As part of the external batch number assignment, the following two function module exits are available in the SAP enhancement SAPLV1ZE for checking a new batch number that has been entered.

  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_003. Using this exit, you can replace the proposed number range object BATCH_CLT and/or external interval 02 with a number range object and/or external interval you have defined yourself.
    You also have the option of suppressing the batch number check, for example, based on the material or plant.
  • EXIT_SAPLV01Z_004. Using this exit, you can define your own checking rule.

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