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Enhancement to sales document , Additional Tab A/B , New Tab

SAP Sales and Distribution

SAP provides standard enhancement options for enhancing sales order header / item screens. The requirement can be 

-  including  additional fields to existing Additional Tab A / Additional Tab B 

- Creating a new Tab for customer data

This document explains the various options and the steps required to activate the tabs.


1. Add custom fields to Additional Data Tab A / B

Additional tab A / B are available in standard SAP screens and can be enhanced to add customer fields.

Additional header data is on screen SAPMV45A 0309, additional item data on screen SAPMV45A 0459. These screens contain the Include screens SAPMV45A 8309 or SAPMV45A 8459 as user exits.

Fields which are also to be included in the sales document for a specific installation should be included on the Include screens for maintaining. If an application-specific check module is needed for the fields, this can be included in the Include MV45AIZZ. The module is called up in the processing logic of the Include screens.

Header / Item  Additional Tab  A /B enhancement


2. Add new tab using enhancement spot :  BADI_SD_SALES_BASIC

BADI_SLS_HEAD_SCR_CUS in this enhancement spot can add a new tab to header or item. So the customer details can be populated easily without much effort.

Since this is a new tab addition , the tab can named based on business requirements.

Note : ECC 6 , Enhancement pack 6 and above , this BAPI is available as part of configuration node provided business function LOG_SD_CI_02 is active.

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