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Delivery Cost transfer to Purchase Order : Logistics Execution

SAP Logistics Execution

Scenario 01 : Capture logistics cost for inventory item and transfer to PO.

This scenario is applicable if the business requirement is to capture Logistics cost of the inventory item. meaning the total cost of the item managed in inventory is Material Cost + Logisitics cost.  For expensive logistics cost this scenario is recommended and in some cases there are legal requirements such that logistics cost should be included in the landed cost of the item.

Eg : Air freight of a inventory item due to emergency. 

Business Process Steps :

  1. Create Purchase order with Shipment notification (Confirmation Key)
  2. Post inbound delivery against purchase order
  3. Create shipment document with reference to inbound delivery
  4. Create shipment cost document with reference to Shipment document
  5. Post goods receipt with reference to inbound delivery (using MIRO or VL32N)

When the following configuration is setup , logistics cost will be added to the inventory cost.

SAP Logistics execution (LE)  module is excellent SAP standard  solution for managing logistics cost. LE module interfaces with Inbound and outbound process , which makes it very handy for managing complete logistics solutions. This document explains freight cost management process for stock items interfacing with LE module.


Configuration Requirements

1. Create a new freight condition type with the following setup

SPRO--> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Conditions --> Define Price determination process

2. Assign freight condition to calculation Schema with accrual key.

3. Maintain shipment cost type and item category



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