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Defaulting Profit center in Sales Documents

SAP Sales and Distribution

Assignment of profit center in sales document is mandatory if the revenue analysis is based on profit centers. There are multiple ways by which profit center can be defaulted in sales order line items. This blog explains how profit center can be defaulted in sales documents (Quotation , Sales order ) based on substitution.

Profit center determination by Substitution

Substitutions can be used to default profit center if the profit center is dynamic and the determination is based on the process rather than the material. In such case substitution rules are used to determine profit center based on the indicators or keys. Frequently used indicators included Material Pricing group and Account assignment group in the material master.

Note :

- The call of the substitution in PCA depends on whether the sales order is a cross-company code order or not. A cross-company situation exists if the sales organization of the sales order belongs to a different company code than the supplying plant.

- Substitution is not called for the following processes: internal billing documents, stock transport orders, and replenishment deliveries with reference to stock transport orders.

- Call up of substitution is defined by the AID Active indicator for the substitution rule in transaction 0KEL.


Substitution call up : Inter company transactions

Indicator Sales Document Billing Document
0 Not Active Not Active
1 Active Not Active
2 Not Active Not Active
3 Active Not Active
4 Not Active Not Active


Note : For inter company translations profit center in billing document is only derived from sales documents


Configuration Setup 

Transaction Code : 0KEM


Create a new substitution and add steps.

Select Profit center and click on pre requisite in case if the determination of profit center is based on some condition.


Click on substitution tab and enter the profit center to be defaulted in the line item.

save the substitution rule.


Transport Request

Substitutions and validations should be transported by generating the transport request manually.

Click on the substitution to be transported and select transport.

this should generate a workbench transport request.


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