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Default Storage Location in Inbound Delivery using enhancement

SAP Logistics Execution

Shipment documents for inbound processing of shipments are created with reference to inbound delivery. Inbound delivery is created either manually or automatically in the background against PO / PO Line items / Vendor.

Most of the case when shipments are handled using LE module , have EXW as inco term and the goods supplier needs to be paid once items are picked by Freight forwarder.

In SAP for paying the Goods Supplier , GRN needs to be posted. GRN can be posted either directly against PO or from inbound delivery or from shipment document stages.

Storage location is a mandatory field for posting GRN , which can be entered in purchase order manually. The other option is to default the location using enhancements.

This document explains the enhancement step required for defaulting storage location in Inbound delivery document.


Configuration Steps :

Identify delivery type settings : SPRO --> Logistics Execution -->Shipping --> Deliveries

Navigate to Copying Control Configuration

Identify the Item routine maintained for document type combinations. In standard this routine should be 2020

Navigate to Copy Requirements (VOFM)

Select the copy control routine and enhance the routine (Needs developers access)



Document Reference:

Automatic GRN from Inbound Shipment Document


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