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Default PR price as PO price

SAP Materials Management

Some business scenario's would require that PR price should be defaulted in the PO when PO is created with reference to purchase requisition.

Key which controls the defaulting of PR price in PO is the "PO Price" indicator in the purchase requisition. 

Do not adopt PR price is not copied to the PO and price should be manually entered in the PO
As Gross Price  PR price is defaulted in PO as Gross price
As Net Price PR price is defaulted in PO as Net price


Note : Visibility of the indicator is based on the user parameter : EFB. If the indicator is not visible maintain user parameter EFB  with value 01.



 This indicator can be set

1. Manually while creating purchase requisition

2. Defaulted in PR based on User default setting

3. Using enhancements to standard solution


1. Manually while creating purchase requisition

PR creator can  modify this indicator during PR creation provided ,the user is assigned parameter EFB with a value which allows "ADOPT PO PRICE.

Note : If ADOPT PO PRICE is deselected in the parameter , PO price change option will not be visible in the purchase requisition.


1.1 How to maintain Functional Authorization for parameter. : EFB.

User parameters are used for controlling business process specific to users. They are assigned to users using Tcode : SU3

User Parameter : EFB is used for controlling default values for the buyers. "Adopt PO Price" is one such parameter.

Parameter values are  maintained in the configuration.

Transaction Code : OMET

Note : 

FieldSelCtrlRel : Based on the field selection key assigned , the user authorization for Purchase requisition is controlled.

FieldSel : Based on the field selection key maintained ,  the user authorization for PO is controlled.

Eg : If a  set of buyers should have display authorization for PR then a new Functional authorization with FielSelCtrlRel set to display "AKTA" can be assigned as a parameter ID to the user. With this functional authorization assigned as a parameter : EFB , the user can only have display access to PR.


2. Defaulted in PR based on User default setting

User setting in the PR can default the PO PRICE indicator in the Purchase requisition.

 Even with above mentioned setting , price may not be transferred if the buyers profile  assigned to the buyer doesn't allow price transfer. Authorization function group can be assigned to the users using parameter EFB (Tcode : SU3) .

Authorization group is created using Tcode :OMET and assigned to the user as parameter. 


3. Enhancements:

The PR created by integrating system like SD , PS will always create PR's with PO Price Key set to "Do not Copy' . (* Note : User defaults will work only when the document is created real time.)

If these PR's have to be converted to PO manually and the price in the PR should be defaulted in the PO , then the PO Price indicator should be set using BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE , Field : PO_PRICE


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