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Default Account Assignment in Purchasing Documents

SAP Materials Management

Setup 01 : Default Account assignment in Purchasing documents based on Material Group.

This is one of the requirement in most of the process industries. Eg : Low value purchases should be directly charged to department cost center. Low value items are determined by the assignment of material group in the material master. When PR / PO is created for such material group(s) account assignment can be directly derived based on business rules. This is an optimized procurement process where data entry time can be reduced drastically.

Configuration Requirements

1. Define Material Group : OMSF / WG21


2. Assign valuation class to material group for account determination : OMQW

SPRO --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Material Master --> Entry aid for materials without material master

3. Check Account modification key  to account assignment : OME9

SPRO --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Account Assignment  --> Maintain Account assignment Category


4. Maintain automatic account determination : GL accounts : OBYC

For  key GBB - VBR  : Maintain GL account to be defaulted against the valuation class assigned to material group.

GL Account maintained here if material group : Z0098 is selected in the purchasing documents.


Setup 02 : Default Cost object based on cost element

Cost Objects (cost center , order etc) can be defaulted in purchasing documents based on the cost element entered or derived automatically (refer setup 1).

1. Validate Account modification key  to account assignment : OME9

Derive Account assignment key should be checked.

2. Maintain default account assignment : OKB9



If setup 1 and setup 2 are maintained , Cost element and cost Object can be defaulted based on the material group selected.


Other Combinations :

Default Cost element based on account assignment entered in the purchasing documents.

Configure only Setup 2 , so when users enter the account assignment , cost element (GL account) is defaulted automatically.

Default  Cost element based on Material group.

Configure only Setup 1 , when material group is entered , Cost element is defaulted.

Note :

OKB9 setup has other implications as well. Cost elements always require an account assignment object. In some MM transactions cost element will be defaulted for OBYC setup and account assignment object will be derived from OKB9.


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