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Classification during GRN using Batch Mgmt

SAP Materials Management

Material master with Class type 023 assigned in classification view helps in classifying materials during goods receipt based on batches.

Typical business example would be such that steel pipes are being purchased in length but if the business requirement is to capture the actual length of the pipe during GRN , Material batch management with classification can be used.

Process Steps

  1.  Create classification details in CT04
  2. Create class with class type 023 and assign the classification created in step 1 : CL01
  3. Extend material master to classification view and add class created : MM01
  4. Activate Batch management in material master
  5. Check if batch management option is activated in movement type used for goods receipt : OMJJ

With the above setting when GRN is posted Batch tab is visible where batch number and classification can be entered.


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