Materials Management
SAP PR can be deleted after PO is Issued
Release Strategy is not set / Reset if previous version is active
Vendor Specific Tolerance
Duplicate Invoice Check - Vendor Invoices
Vendor Batch Management
Classification of SAP Service Master
V1631 : You cannot enter new delivery costs
Activate GL Authorization check in Purchasing Documents
Enhancements to PO Document Type determination in ME59 ME59N
PO Document Type determination in ME59 ME59N
Material master Classification system
External Numbering of Batch Master
Option for defaulting delivery address in purchasing Documents
Classification during GRN using Batch Mgmt
Default Account Assignment in Purchasing Documents
PO Items can be deleted after invoice
Field selection in PR and PO
Source Determination in Purchase Requisitions
Default PR price as PO price

Project Systems
Frequently used PS Reports
Material Reservation for Projects
CN41N Report Actual cost added to Actual Revenue
Status Profile assignment - SAP PS

Warehouse Management

Relative and Absolute import for beginners

Sales and Distribution
Mass Printing of Sales orders
This item can only be deleted via the associated sales document is generated when you delete a purchase requisition created from a customer order
Enhancement to sales document , Additional Tab A/B , New Tab
VF147 : No open billing quantity has been determined
VFX3 : Release Billing Documents for Accounting
Understanding Incompletion Log is Sales Documents
Rejection lines displayed in VF04
Reason for Rejection in Sales documents
Defaulting Profit center in Sales Documents
Profit Center in Billing Document
Automatic generation of billing document
Configuring Invoicing List for billing documents
Invoice Splitting in Billing Document and Collective Billing

Transport Organizer Tools and details

Understanding IRR Calculation Logic

Inbound Processing

UI5 Development and deployment Pipeline

Logistics Execution
Delivery Cost transfer to Purchase Order : Logistics Execution
Default Storage Location in Inbound Delivery using enhancement
Adhoc Shipment cost document flow report
Automatic GRN from Inbound Shipment Document


Fine Tuning MySQL DB
Google Adsense and Django Website integration
Cloudflare - Pythonanywhere DNS setup
Tracking Django Website Page hits using Google Analytics
MYSQL DB dump from Web Hosting Sites
Backup and Restore MySQL DB

Material XXXX <Plant> <Sloc> does not exist
Storage location XXXX for material XXXXXXXX plant XXXX valuation type XXXX does not exist
Version 0 is blocked for fiscal year XXXX

Code Snippet
Custom Template Tag in Django template
IRR Calculation using Python Code


Quality Management
Usage decision codes in Quality inspection
Inspection with task list missing in Material Master
Characteristic results cannot be recorded for inspection lot
Material type XXXX is not defined for task list type Q

Power Bi
Power Bi Datasource Change

URL Parameters in GET Request
Aggregation and Annotation in Django

Power Automate
Microsoft Dataverse O Data queries
Use of Expressions in Power Automate Flow
Delete all records in DataVerse