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Automatic generation of billing document

SAP Sales and Distribution

Billing documents in Sales and distribution module is generated with reference to sales document or Outbound delivery. Since most of the check and balances are carried out in the sales documents , billing document can be generated in the background with reference to sales documents posted and released.

In standard SAP : Transaction code VF06 is used for this purpose. VF06 can be scheduled in background to run as a periodic job to automatically generate billing document based on the selection. Is document type is configured to post accounting documents directly , accounting documents are generated.

In general business practice accounting documents are posted using VFX3 after review and validation.



Important Notes: 

1. Please maintain proper selection indicator on the selection screen to optimize the performance.

2. In case of multiple server landscape always select the target computer.

3. Use start immediately option if the program needs to be executed immediately.


4. For periodic job execution , maintain the periodic indicator with the job run frequency.


5. This program will generate a background job with a different name (INVOICE_....) which can be obtained from the job spool log. Use the job name / spool for checking the document generated using SM37.





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