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Adhoc Shipment cost document flow report

SAP Logistics Execution

Introduction :

SAP Logistics execution module is a specialized SAP module for managing inbound and outbound logistics activities. This module interfaces with Material management module for inbound processing and Sales/Distribution for outbound process.Since multiple modules are interfaced few reports are generally not available as a standard report but can be generated using query reports.

Requirement :

Generate document flow report linking shipment cost document to Sales order document base on which Inbound / Outbound delivery was generated.

Basics :

LE module has the following document document.

Shipment Document

Shipment document is created with reference to Inbound / Outbound deliver document as reference. Note in some cases can be created without reference. Shipment document captures the shipment legs and routes involved in the logistics process

Shipment Cost Document :
Shipment cost document is created with reference to shipment document and is used as a settlement document for paying vendor invoices and accounting for sales. From shipment cost document and direct PO can be generated to freight forwarder or Service entry can be posted directly against framework order , depending on the business requirement and configuration.

Document Linkage Map:

Sales Order --> Outbound / Inbound Delivery --> Shipment Document --> Shipment cost Document --> PO / Service entry Sheet

                         Outbound Delivery --> Billing Document


There are few standard reports which provide most of the document linkages but most of the time there is not standard linkage , but a simple Query report / development can provide all the details.


Tables :  ESSR , VTFA , VBFA.

This query report will provide create linkage from both procurement and sales side and can especially handy for finance reconciliations.

Query Table Mapping

- Shipment cost Number is available in the service entry sheet which links the service entry sheet automatically generated from shipment cost document


- ESSR - VTFA linkage will provide shipment document number for the shipment cost document number in the service entry sheet

- VTFA - VBFA linkage will provide Delivery document number with reference to the shipment document number

-  VBFA - A_VBFA  linkage will provide sales document number with reference to Delivery document No.

Note : A_VBFA is an alias table in the query report for VBFA.

Sample Output Document

Note : Filter document category 8 to display only LE related documents or all related documents will be displayed.





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