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Activate GL Authorization check in Purchasing Documents

SAP Materials Management

Authorization check might be required for GL accounts used in PR/PO based on business requirements. By SAP standard this check is switched off , but can configured. This document explains the setup requirements.

GL Account / Cost Element authorization check can be activated for procurement documents : Purchase Requisition , Purchase Order , Scheduling agreement based on company code.

Configuration Requirements

1. Activate GL account authorization check for purchasing document

SPRO --> Materials Management --> Purchasing


Master Data Setup

1. Add authorization object (User defined 4 digit Alpha Numeric key) to GL account using Tcode : FS00

Note : The screen layout may be different based on the GL account group - Field selection setup. 

If Authorization Group field is not available check if Field selection for GL account has this field as input field using Tcode : OBD4

User Authorization Setup

Maintain the authorization object in the  user role for object with Authorization group values.

Manually add the following object to role : F_BKPF_BES and maintain the values

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